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All About Cashew was founded in January 2021 by a flexitarian who brought her creativity to making flavorful vegan cashew products. Her commitment is to introduce a wide variety of cashew products that will inspire people to enjoy eating healthy, invest in their well-being and improve nutrition intake.

All About Cashew’s mission is to:

*Promote versatility of cashews

We want to broaden people's view that cashew is more than just another nut by introducing flavorful and creative products that will match or even exceed current nut brands that are already out in the market by being flavorful and creative in the healthiest way possible.

* Bring more convenience to purchase and consume healthy products

Offering varieties of cashew butters, vegan cheeses and healthy snack packs gives value for consumers when in comes to convenience, certain diets, price and taste in terms of eating healthy.

* Spark the motivation to eat healthy

Our homemade vegan cashew products will inspire people to enjoy eating healthy, share great food ideas and experiment healthy recipes using our vegan products all without a cost of animal suffering.

* Less ingredients, more healthy

If you cannot pronounce the ingredients on the nutrition facts, chances are that food is not a healthy option.

Our products are carefully done in batches with less ''readable'' ingredients -less of the chemicals, processing, additives, trans-fats, sugar, salt and alcohol, and/or allergens like gluten.

* Debunk myths about fats

Fat isn’t needed in our diet. Fat raises blood glucose. Fat raises cholesterol. Fat increases body weight. All these are myths.

Many people believe fat is bad due to an outdated recommendations of a low-fat diet for years which changed how and what we ate. 

We want people to have a basic understanding about the benefits of healthy fats from cashew nuts, other kinds of nuts, seeds, coconut oil and olive oil which are major ingredients of our products.

* Debunk myths about Vegan Diet

Very common myth - vegan food boring

Vegan diet is extremely bland and boring which is definitely not true! Many cuisines have invented a lot of vegan recipes which are delicious, versatile and exciting.

* Make the World a Better Place

Vegan diet is not only great for your health but also for the animals and the planet.

All About Cashew's products are carefully done in batches and mixed with a premium selection of ingredients that will fit our customers’ particular diets.

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