Bayanihan #COVID-19

Hey, you! Thanks for dropping by!
Let's work together to reach out to our #FrontLinersPH and send them our love through our 70% Isopropyl Alcohol (launching on Monday, March 30).  
Here's how it works: 
  1. Add a bottle of 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL that says "DONATE ME" to your cart. 
  2. You may still shop a few bottles for yourself, too (maximum of 3 Liters per order please so we can serve more people!). 
  3. Upon checkout, you will be asked to follow a few steps to complete payment. Once payment is validated by our team, your items will be shipped to you. 
  4. The bottles that you purchased that is under "DONATE ME" will be left in our HQ for sending out to our #FrontLinersPH in partner with hospitals around Manila. Your names will be written on the bottle together with a thank you note which you can customize as well. Make it short! 

That's pretty much it! Let's all work together! We'll get through this together and apart! 


Simula PH