160g Handmade Soaps
160g Handmade Soaps
160g Handmade Soaps

Simula PH

160g Handmade Soaps

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Our handmade soaps are for body or face, whichever needs more attention. We also have 3 variants depending on your skin type: 


Apart from the amazing scent it gives off, our tea tree oil soap helps contain blemishes without drying your skin! The antiseptic nature of the oil helps heal skin ailments including acne leaving skin smooth with a natural glow!


This soap contains oatmeal granules, papain enzyme, honey, chamomile, lavender, and milk extract.  The oatmeal granules act as gentle exfoliator removing excess oil, dirt, and dead cells from skin revealing a clean and clear complexion.  The milk extract, chamomile and lavender are insta-moisturizers! This is best for oily skin!


It's black and it's effective, really! Charcoal is known for its ability to absorb and draw out oil from the skin. This makes our soap an amazing addition to your skin care routine! It reduces pore size, makes skin tighter & firmer, effective anti-aging & suitable for every skin type!