Food Grade Dishwashing Liquid
Food Grade Dishwashing Liquid

Simula PH

Food Grade Dishwashing Liquid

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We’ve lowered down our prices for our food grade dishwashing liquid to almost half its original price of only P0.25 per mL! 

We love this product so much because based on our studies & research, the raw ingredients used are biodegradable and could most def breakdown through waste water treatment! It just means one thing - it won’t harm our friendly aquatic animals! 🐟 

And also, did we say it’s FOOD GRADE? Oh yeah we did! If you accidentally eat it (we hope not, though) - it’s still ok! Good for kids, expecting moms & the whole family! 🌱More questions about this? Send us a message!

Disclaimer: The 1L includes an amber glass pump bottle or a white recycled bottle with new pump heads while the 250ml bottles comes in recycled bottles. 😊

PS: We did not use any labels for this because duh, extra waste! Label them at home when you get them instead 😉 #SimulaPh #IkawAngSimula

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