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  • Fruit & Veggie Wash-Simula PH-Simula PH
  • Fruit & Veggie Wash-Simula PH-Simula PH
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Simula PH

Fruit & Veggie Wash

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We always make sure that the produce we buy from the market is throughly cleaned before we eat/cook them! So we've made just the right formula to help you with the first step! 

Instructions: Place produce in sink or bowl and rinse with water. Drain then do a few pumps of our fruit & veggie wash. Rub and wash all over the produce, using your hands or a gentle kitchen brush. Rinse dirt and the fruit & veggie wash off the produce, then dry on a kitchen towel.

Available in 1 Liter Amber Pump Bottle or 1.5 Liter Recycled Soda Bottle! 


- Organic plant Tulsi Extract (antibacterial property/antimicrobial property)
- Chlorhexidine (antiseptic antibacterial agent)
- Gluconate (cleaning agent, alkaline solution)
- Aqua

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