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  • Jasmine Green Tea-Harvest Moon Tea-Simula PH
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Harvest Moon Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

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The Jasmine Green Tea blend is a steamed green tea which produces a surprising body and a captivating floral taste that is not found in any other natural tea. It's one of the most pleasant tasting green teas available on the market. On the nose the dry tea has a floral bouquet which literally causes your senses to come alive with pleasant thoughts. Its enchanting, unforgettable aroma is created through an artisanal method of tea scenting that dates back more than 800 years.

Brewing Suggestions. Brew: 2 tsp of Tea / 180ml Water Temp: 80°C or bring water to a boil and allow it to rest for 3 minutes before using.

Time: 3 minutes

Infusions: 1x

Condiments: Plain, lemon Complements.

Best paired with asian salads, pasta, grilled vegetables and savory pies. Caffeine.

Medium Time of Day: Anytime

Best Consumed: Hot


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