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Seedibles Co.

Morning Miracle

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These caplets are dubbed as Morning Miracles for a reason: they deliver dramatic impact to your plant the morning after you use them.

Like everything we make, they’re completely organic! They’re growth boosters that contain over 20 strains of live microorganisms.

They’re specifically designed to speed up healthy plant growth, increase pest resistance, improve root development, rejuvenate your soil, and improve flowering and fruiting.

A caplet twice a week can increase harvest and improve the quality of your herbs and vegetables in terms of color, taste, and size. For medium to large plants (around 3+ inches tall), best to mix the caplet with water (at a ratio of 1 caplet to 100 mL of water) and use it as a spray to ensure that all parts of the plant, from leaves to roots, are covered!*

*Best to use the solution within 24 hours after mixing.

16 Caplets

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