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  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit - Simula PH
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit-Clean Conscience-Simula PH
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Clean Conscience

Multi-Purpose Cleaner Starter Kit

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An all around household cleaner.

Perfect for cleaning any surface = countertops, tiles, stones and wood.

Quickly penetrating, grease, soap scum and other residues. In your favorite lavender scent

Starter Kit comes with 1 glass bottle 1 silicone holder 2 cleaning multipurpose tablets

Eco friendly. Non Toxic. Effective. 

Instructions: 1. Fill up an empty 500 ml bottle with warm water

2. Drop 1 tablet into the bottle.

3. The tablet should start dissolving and producing fizz for about 15-20 mins

4. Screw on the spray head and start spraying away

5. For daily cleaning : Wipe off with a dry cloth

For stubborn stains: Use a sponge and scrub dirt

Please store the tablets in a dry/cool place. Avoid moisture and direct sunlight

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