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Biene Lumiere

Princesse Soy Wax Candle (Jasmine Scent)

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Princesse, a dainty jasmine-scented candle, shows you what it means to unwind.

Like Princess Jasmine herself, Princesse is a classically captivating fragrance that’s the crown jewel of the scented candle world. Featuring sweet, euphoric florals, it’s the type of scent that everyone will fall in love with. Soothing and elegant, it’s the perfect scent for nights where you want to do nothing but pamper yourself – it’ll make you feel like royalty!

Burning a candle of the aromatherapeutic Princesse before going to bed can help you get the undisturbed beauty sleep that every princess deserves. Pair it with a bubble bath and a bottle of champagne, and you’ve got an evening that everyone will envy.


Every 400g candle from Biene Lumiere can burn for 120 hours and is suitable for rooms not more than 45 square meters, such as bedrooms and living spaces.

For your safety, always light the candle within sight. Do not burn near flammable materials. Don’t forget to trim the wick to 6mm or ¼” before lighting.

All of our candles smell fantastic, but be sure not to let them burn continuously for more than four hours. You won’t get tired of our candles, but like you, they need a break, too. ;)


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