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  • Swedish Dishcloth (Plain)-Elix & Skye-Simula PH
  • Swedish Dishcloth (Plain)-Elix & Skye-Simula PH
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Elix & Skye

Swedish Dishcloth (Plain)

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From the smartest kitchens in Europe.

A Swedish Dishcloth is an eco-friendly alternative to kitchen sponge and paper towels. This reusable & compostable cleaning cloth has been a staple in Scandinavian households for years. It's now gaining loyal followers across the globe and finally, here in the Philippines.

✅ REUSABLE AND MACHINE WASHABLE - You can use this cleaning cloth again and again. It can be washed in your clothes or dish washer up to 200 times.

✅ NATURALLY BIODEGRADABLE - Made from 100% all-natural wood pulp and renewable cotton fibers. At the end of its useful life, it will simply biodegrade in your compost pile.

✅ REPLACES UP TO 17 ROLLS OF PAPER TOWELS - It's super absorbent! It can take in 20 times its own weight in liquid! Just think of all those paper towels you're no longer sending to a landfill.

✅ ENDLESSLY VERSATILE - Great for cleaning or drying dishes, cleaning up spills or even cleaning your floors. There's almost no limit to where or when you can use it.

✅ TIMELESS DESIGNS - Who says cleaning cloths have to be boring? Swedish dishcloths lets you clean up your home & kitchen with style!

Brand: SWEDEdishcloths
Size: 7” x 8” (17 cm x 20 cm)

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