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  • The Tick-minator Natural Tick Killer-Fluffy Butt-Simula PH
  • The Tick-minator Natural Tick Killer-Fluffy Butt-Simula PH
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Fluffy Butt

The Tick-minator Natural Tick Killer

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Prevention & cure in one! Our mix of natural essential oils helps repel AND kill existing ticks & fleas - eggs included.

- Natural, lick-safe, human-grade
- On first use, test by spraying on a small area at least an hour before full application.
- After the patch test, spread fur open & spray on your furbaby's spine, chest, sides, tail/butt, tummy, and paws. Safe for daily use, until ticks are eliminated.
- For best results, use this or Shoo Flea as tick repellent before going out/playing with other furbabies even when tick-free.
- For dogs 16 weeks and up (for younger pups & sensitive doggos, conduct an overnight patch test first)
- Avoid contact with your furbaby's eyes. For external use only.
- For unfiltered feedback check out #FluffyButtReviews on Instagram.

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