Sparrow Fragrances

Sparrow Fragrances, established in 2013, is a dream shared by two life-long friends, Cathy and Isabel.  Cathy is a freelance makeup artist and a certified yoga teacher and Isabel is a corporate planner in an insurance company. 

We both used to run a nail and waxing salon for four years called Belle & Cat Nail and Waxing Studio.  This business venture triggered our interest to make our own fragrance line since we both loved making things by hand.  In the studio, we would make our own lotions, massage oils and scrubs.  It was then when we decided to spread our wings and Sparrow was born.

Like the humble sparrow, a representation of God's love, we believe no one is insignificant.  We bring with us on this flight, the hope that you find yourselves in our creations.  May the fragrances awaken your senses and allow you to rekindle memories of love and hope and inspire your everyday lives.

Cathy & Isabel