Hello there, Earth Freak! 

Here are some Frequently Answered Questions so you have an easier transaction with us:

Do you guys ship plastic-free? 

Yes, we do!  We use post-consumer packaging like used newspapers, paper bags, etc. But unfortunately this only applies for Metro Manila areas. We're working on things so we can also apply this nationwide! Hit us up if you know couriers who do plastic-free shipping to provincial areas :)

How do we receive our items?

For Metro Manila -  

  • On Demand Courier (via Mr. Speedy) - this allows you to receive the product the same day it is dispatched from our HQ with no specific time frame available from Mondays to Fridays. We're humans too, so there will be days in the week where we might not be able to send your product the moment you settle your payment but rest assured you are notified about this. PIN LOCATION: PRESKO COFFEE BLS 
  • Standard 2-3 days Delivery (via EcoShip Asia Delivery) - this allows you to receive your products within 2-3 working days after your orders have been picked up/dispatched from our HQ. Our dispatch days are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. You will be notified by our team when your orders are already picked up and on the way via email. 

Outside Metro Manila (via LBC)

  • For provincial areas, we only have one type of shipment where you will receive your products within 3 to 5 working days after your orders have been picked up/dispatched from our HQ. You will be notified by our team when your orders are already picked up and on the way via email.

TIP: If you wish to receive your products faster, check our stockists and see maybe there's one in your area and you can directly coordinate with them. Yay!

When do you dispatch paid orders?

We dispatch orders every Monday, Wednesday and Friday only. Make sure you settle your payments before 10:00 pm the day before the dispatch. 

How can I pay using my credit or debit card?

After placing your order in the website, send us a message at orders@simula.ph so we can share with you a link to complete your payment. Additional fees apply for this mode of payment. 

Do you have a physical store? 

We would love that! You can do refills at Presko Coffee in Better Living Subdivision. We're also available through our partner establishments around the Philippines. Check this page to know where to find us

I want to become a brand partner! How?

If you feel like your brand stands for what Simula PH believes in (sustainable & local), then this is the right place for you! As much as we want to have all of you onboard Simula PH, we want each and every brand have an equal amount of exposure on the website. We believe in a no repeat product policy where we don't want brands selling the same thing. While we do have this policy, if you see a brand already selling something similar to your products, please feel free to still apply! We think each and every brand has its own purpose & uniqueness! Woohoo! Apply here.

Do you accept resellers?

Yes, we do! Send us an email at partner@simula.ph! We're always open for collaborations and partnerships! 

Still have questions? Send us an email at hello@simula.ph so we can answer them! :) 

Keep the earth happy, always - 

Celina & Maan