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Pocket Disinfectant

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HyClean Pocket Disinfectant is an all natural pocket spray that effectively disinfects/sanitizes and cleans any surface. This hospital grade and laboratory-tested eliminates poo odor too. Bring it with you on dog walks, when changing diapers, or when you just really need to go to the bathroom for that unfinished business. It is made from pineapple extract and does not contain harmful chemicals such as bleach and ammonia that causes fumes, corrosion, and long-term health effects. It is safe to use on any surface or equipment such as metal, leather, plastic, rubber, glass, and leaves no residue. Easy on the hands, tough on germs!

Product Benefits:
-Cruelty Free
-Ready to use
-Safe for Pets and Babies
-Ready to use
-Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic, Non-Fuming, Non-Flammable
-Natural Pineapple Scent
-Safe on any hard non-porous surface
-No Bleach or Ammonia
-No Paraben or Sulfate
-Kills Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses

Pineapple extract, Mono-distilled, Water, Sodium Chloride (Salt)