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All-Purpose Cleaner

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HyClean All-Purpose Cleaner is the all-natural answer to all your cleaning and disinfecting needs! It is made from 100% natural ingredients and smells amazing without all those harmful chemicals. Clean and disinfect away without the harmful side effects of bleach and ammonia. Safe to use on any surface or equipment such as metal, leather, plastic, rubber, and glass. Did we mention its laboratory tested and
hospital grade too?

Product Benefits:
-Cruelty Free
-Safe for Pets and Babies
-Ready to use
-Non-Corrosive, Non-Toxic, Non-Fuming, Non- Flammable
-Natural Pineapple Scent
-Safe on any hard non-porous surface
-No Bleach or Ammonia
-Kills Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses

Where can you apply?
-Surface Disinfectant
-All-Purpose Cleaner
-Linen Spray
-Odor Eliminator
-Glass/Window Cleaner
-Makeup Brush Cleaner
-Lens/Glass Cleaner

How to use:
Apply the product to hard nonporous surfaces such as tables, countertops, walls, sinks, floors by spraying directly. Remove excess liquid with a clean dry cloth or paper towel/tissue afterwards.

Pineapple extract, Mono-distilled, Water, Sodium Chloride (Salt)