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Bare Bosom

Matte & Seamless Nipple Tape

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Bare Bosom is a local brand with the spirit to provide all types of titty a high-quality nipple tape with the advocacy to foster the growing community of using less-to-zero plastic waste.

Along with that, Bare Bosom encourages everyone to free themselves as a metaphor of being freed from an exhausting day of wearing a bra.

  • Shades available:
  1. Mushroom (for pale skin tone, slightly muted than Wheat)
  2. Shade: Wheat (for fair skin tone, most preferably for light-skinned)
  3. Tawny (for tan to medium-brown skin tone, most preferably for medium-skinned
  4. Lumber (for medium-deep to brown skin tone, most preferably for brown-skinned)

  • Diameter: 8 cm
  • Material: Silicon
- The optimal life span of a nipple tape lasts for 3 months if used daily. But with proper care and cleaning, it may last longer;
- Item is sold by pair;
- Cleaning and care tips is provided in the package;
- Do patch test to gauge skin irritation before wearing for long hours.


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