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Dream Wide Awake

Cashew Milk, Sweetened with Coco Sugar

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Have a delicious splash of plant-based milk with Cashew Milk, Sweetened with Coco Sugar. We only use the freshest cashew nuts from Palawan farms and blend it with filtered water, organic coco sugar, and a pinch of Himalayan mountain salt.

It contains no artificial preservatives or emulsifiers, so the milk may naturally separate. Just shake the bottle when that happens and you're good to go.

Use it for:
• Coffee, chocolate, or fruit drinks and milkshakes
• Breakfast cereals or oatmeal
• Muesli with chia seeds, berries, and fruit slices
• Just about anything that needs some milk magic

Ingredients: Filtered water, raw cashew nuts, organic coco sugar, Himalayan pink salt