Cloth Menstrual Overnight Pads
Cloth Menstrual Overnight Pads
Cloth Menstrual Overnight Pads

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Cloth Menstrual Overnight Pads

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As crazy as it sounds, we're going back to the old times! Because why not? 

One of our best selling products (tried & tested, of course!)! 

Made with 4 layers composed of bamboo charcoal to decrease bacteria build up and odor, layers of microfiber to absorb your visitor for the month & a printed waterproof PUL so it doesn't stain! Cool, right? 

Since we have more than 20+ designs, we ship designs randomly. Sorry about that! Besides, no one can see it except you. So that's ok! 

DISCLAIMER: This overnight pad isn't meant to be worn the whole day, girl! Change as often as you can (same as when you use plastic napkins!). 

Wondering how to keep it in your bag after use? We also sell WET BAGS on the site. You're welcome!

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