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  • Coco Candle - Simula PH
  • Coco Candle - Simula PH
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Coco Craze

Coco Candle

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Compared to usual scented candles sold in the market, Coco Craze differentiates itself by using coconut shells as its candle vessel promoting sustainability. The Coco Candle is a 7oz/ 200-gram hand-poured coconut-soy scented candle with a crackling wooden wick that is expected to burn for more than 40 hours. Moreover, it will have 3 available scents; English Lavander, Fresh Bamboo, and Warm Cotton. The coconut candles benefit their users by creating a peaceful and relaxing ambiance, providing a good night's sleep, and improving one’s mood.

- Each coconut has a different shape and size, but rest assured that these are all relatively the same.
- Wick placement may differ depending on the size and shape of the coconut, some may have double overlapping wick to avoid tunneling.

Package Includes:
(1) Coco Candle (200ml)
(1) Coco Craze Pouch
(1) Care Instructions
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