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All About Cashew

Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter

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Suitable Diets

✓ Keto ✓ Paleo ✓ Gluten Free ✓ Sugar Free ✓ Dairy Free ✓ Low Carb ✓ Diabetic ✓ Low Sodium ✓ Vegan

How to use Dark Cocoa Cashew Butter?

Serving size : 1 Tbsp / 13g  

  1.  Dip for fruits  
  2. Add in oatmeal
  3. Blend in smoothies
  4. Put on Hot Chocolate
  5. Bake into cakes, cookies and pastries

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources

Shelf Life: 6 months (Pantry) and 12 months (Chiller)

Ingredients: Roasted Cashews, Dark Cocoa, Virgin Coconut Oil, Stevia, Pink Himalayan Salt

200 grams

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