Bare Bars

Dry Shampoo

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All natural and no rinse powder-based dry shampoo! Carefully curated with natural ingredients that refreshes the scalp, absorbs dirt, oil and helps control odor. This is infused with lavender and peppermint essential oils, and a bit of cocoa powder so it can better blend with your hair color.

It's the perfect life hack!

This is for those days when you cant find the time, or you're too tired to wash your hair! Also works great when you need to quickly freshen up like after a long haul flight, or even to get rid of the smell after eating at K-bbq or Japanese restaurant. You can also apply it before going to bed to feel refreshed!

How to use:

1. Use any make up brush, preferably for applying blush, and dab it on the powder.

2. Tap the excess, then with dry hair, directly apply it to your roots. No need to apply until the ends/tips.

3. Repeat until all sections are covered.

4. Dab or shake off any excess powders with your fingers.

Approx weight: 35 grams