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Grow Garden

Grow Garden Soil Food Premium Grade Biochar Organic Soil Amendment Blend 220g

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Restore depleted soil back to its optimum condition.

Soil Food is a complete all-purpose soil amendment blend that restores depleted soils to their optimum condition. ⁠It contains Biochar, a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal, proven efficient in water and nutrient retention.


✓ Increased water retention in dry soils

✓ Added nutrients & beneficial microorganisms

✓ Increased nutrient retention

✓ Increased soil aeration & drainage


- Potted Plants: Add 3 scoops (4g) of Soil Food around the root zone. Work Soil Food 4 to 6 inches into the soil surface by mixing or raking. Water thoroughly. Apply once every two months for maintenance.

- Repotting: Mix 20g of Soil Food to 1 kg of garden soil. Transfer the plant and water thoroughly.

- Transplanting Seedlings: Add 3 scoops (4g) of Soil Food to the bottom of the container. Transplant seedlings and water thoroughly.


Macro-nutrients: 2-2-2

Type: Compost Mineral Food Slow-release Plant Nutrient

Active Ingredient: Biochar, Compost agricultural organics

Appearance: Dark gray, fine granules

Storage & Care: Store in a cool dry place. Wipe premeasured scooper dry before using.

Shelf-life: Soil Food has no expiration, provided it's not exposed to moisture.

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