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  • Mat Spray-Bare Bars-Simula PH
  • Mat Spray-Bare Bars-Simula PH
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Bare Bars

Mat Spray

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Disinfect and deodorize your fitness mats without the harsh chemicals with our all natural Mat Spray. It is infused with Witch Hazel extract and Tea Tree essential oil known for their antibacterial properties. Available in 2 variants: Lemon & Lavender or Citrus!

It works of all types of mats!

You can use it even if your mat is made from PVC, foam or all natural rubber. It is plant-based so it is guaranteed to be gentler to your mat.

How to use:

1. Always shake well before spraying to let the oils blend again with witch hazel.

2. Spray evenly on the surface or your mat. You may also spray generously on preferred spots.

3. Wipe your mat clean. Best to use slightly wet/ damp cloth.

4. Leave your mat to dry before rolling or folding. Air drying is recommended, no need to place your mats under the sun.

5. Use daily or every after workout as it not only makes your mat cleaner, it also helps deodorize it better.

Size: 100ml