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  • Patch Bamboo Bandages - Simula PH
  • Patch Bamboo Bandages - Simula PH
  • Patch Bamboo Bandages - Simula PH
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Patch Bamboo Bandages

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The original eco plaster!
A world first in wound care, PATCH is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to common first-aid. We developed PATCH with both your skin, and the planet in mind.

+ soft, breathable bamboo for faster healing
+ non-toxic adhesive
+ double layered, natural bamboo pad
+ organic bamboo fibre contains a range of compounds that provide antioxidant, skin-soothing and astringent properties
+ custom woven, organically sourced & mechanically-pulped bamboo fabric

+ internationally award winning
+ always animal friendly / cruelty free
+ recommended by medical professionals
+ latex free / thimerosal (merthiolate/mercury) free
+ way cooler than that stuff you've had in your cupboard for 10 years

PATCH Strips have been designed as a topical plaster dressing, to help smaller cuts and scratches stay clean and safe while you heal. PATCH adheres super gently through our hypoallergenic Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), reducing risk of irritation. This unique technology has been a saviour for so many PATCH customers across the globe.