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Ecolution PH

Powder of Life: 10 Superfoods in 1

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- 10 superfoods in 1: supplement for pets (dogs, cats, etc)
- All natural and organic only
- No chemicals, additives & artificial flavoring
- Size: 50g
- Packaging: spice bottle

- improve overall health & wellness of your pet
- boosts the immune system
- aids in healthy digestion
- helps eye, oral & cardiovascular health
- enhance coat, skin & nail health
- improve dental health & hygiene
- strengthen teeth, joints, bones & muscles
- prevents chronic diseases
- safe for pets with allergies & seniors

moringa, spirulina, turmeric, pumpkin, carrot, blueberry, collagen, golden flaxseed, chia seeds & egg shell powder

Ingredients Information:
1. Moringa- help boost immune system, improve overall skin & coat & improve oral health & more
2. Spirulina- helps pets with allergies & sensitivities, boost immune system, contains anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory & anti-allergen properties & more
3. Turmeric- - contains anti-inflammation properties, help prevent & fight cancer, help prevent & fight arthritis & more
4. Pumpkin- help regulate the digestive system, help pet's stool become more solid & regular, contains prebiotic properties, & more
5. Carrot- improve eye health, prevents cataract, boost immune system & more
6. Blueberry- has metabolic properties, improves digestive health, contains antioxidant & anticancer properties & more
7. Collagen- overall improvement of skin, coat & nail health, help keep moisture & shine, help boost appetite & also aids
8. Golden Flaxseed- improve cardiovascular health, may help fight cancer, contains anti-inflammatory properties & more
9. Chia Seeds- increase fiber intake, has metabolic properties, help regulate pet's digestive system & more
10. Egg Shell Powder- good source of calcium & protein, helps strengthen bones, teeth, weak, stiffed or inflamed joints & more

How to Use:
- as a supplement topper: sprinkle directly to any food (dry or wet food) and liquids

- boost immune system
- cleanse the body of toxins
- improve overall skin & coat health
- regulates blood sugar
- help keep joint healthy
- improve digestion & gastrointestinal health
- help prevents chronic diseases (cancer, arthritis, liver disease, etc)
- improve oral health & get rid of bad breath
- fights depression

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