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Ecolution PH

Wool Dryer Balls

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- An alternative to plastic, rubber or silicone dryer balls & disposable dryer sheets

- Speeds up drying time when doing the laundry via the washing machine

- Prevents wrinkles & static between clothes by easily separating them from each other in the washer

- Results to clothes in the washer being washed properly & more effectively

- Material: wool & natural fibers

- Measurement: 6cm or 2.36inches diameter per ball

- INCLUSIVE: 2 balls per order

- How to use: Place the dryer balls in the dryer along with your laundry. Turn on your dryer and wait for your laundry to dry faster while your clothes get softer.

- Note: The more balls you put into the dryer, the faster your laundry will dry.

- Care: You can recharge the wool dryer balls by washing them in hot water in the gentle setting in the washer - Replacement: Every 1000 loads (you'll notice it when the wool dryer balls begin to look scraggly)

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