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We make beautifully scented & minimalist eco-friendly soy candles that are hand-poured with love.


Our soy wax is biodegradable and non-toxic, made with soy based ingredients and high-quality essential and fragrance oil. We’re proud to say we've landed on a natural blend of soy and organic, odorless soy wax that makes the best candles.


It was year 2021 when my husband and I decided to run our own candle & home fragrance online business.


Our goal is to deliver sustainable self-care through scented experiences and education on candle care and ways to positively impact our environment.


I’ve been obsessive compulsively buying candles for the past years and I can still remember the day when my husband said “I want to learn how to make candles for you.” He naively decided to learn how to make candles at home as a hobby.  

Surprisingly, candles are one of the simplest products to craft at home using basic tools. I can still remember enthusiastically watching his first candle making tutorial on YouTube. It explained how to melt wax on a cooker by filling a pan with water and then inserting a pouring pitcher to create a double boiler.


But fast-forward a year later and it became a side hustle! 


We’ve come up with a brand name Studio by R & C because all of our candles are hand-poured in our small Studio unit, where my husband do all the production. While I do product shoot, packaging & marketing. 

We want something personalise so we decided to put our initials R & C, Rianne & Chris. 


Starting the business was not easy. 

Bigger profit only comes when there are special occasions like weddings & birthdays. But we continuously make candles all year round because we have few regular clients within the Metro. 


As of the moment, we are planning about raising our capital to expand our online business. Our dream is putting up kiosks in malls around the Metro.  


We hope to continue to improve and grow with your continued support. 


Sending everyone light and love.


Much love,

R & C

Studio by R and C


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