On Menstrual Tools

#SimulaPHTakeover2.0 by @maxsalita🌸

I used to love disposable napkins because they were quick and convenient to use — perfect for busy students like me. However, I became more passionate about the environment and I knew I needed to learn how to reduce my plastic consumption. I tried using a menstrual cup, but realized it’s not for me (yet) HAHAHA 😅 I put off making the switch to cloth pads because I was scared of leaks, stench, and discomfort. However, being stuck at home during the quarantine made me confident enough to experiment and I’m really glad I did!

Cloth pads are superior in every way!!! They are CRAZY ABSORBANT; I remember being shocked the first time I washed mine! They’re also so comfy that I sometimes forget I’m using them. They don’t smell as bad as the disposable ones, and there’s no adhesive to ruin your favorite underwear 😫 Most importantly, you save money AND a ton of plastic waste from ending up in the landfill! 🧼 To avoid irritation, make sure to clean it properly and to change it as regularly as you would a normal pad. They’re suuuper easy to wash, especially once you get the hang of it! Use any gentle soap, then make sure there aren’t any soap bubbles when you wring out the water. Do deep cleaning before and after each cycle by soaking it in soapy water overnight or by using your washing machine. Hang it to dry, and you'll be able to use it again in a few hours. I'd recommend having 3-5 pads of the same size since these may take a bit longer to dry during rainy season. ☔️

I just finished another cycle with my cloth pads, and I can’t imagine going back to disposable ones. I’d genuinely recommend them even if I wasn’t trying to go minimal waste. Of course, others may experience it differently but it's all part of the learning process! It may seem a bit hassle to keep on washing, but just remember that it's a small sacrifice for a larger cause. 🌎💚

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