Meet Marcy of Pure Essentials

Get to know, Marcy - Founder of Pure Essentials!


What inspired you to start Pure Essentials? 

It started from an awareness. I encountered an article by Save Philippine Seas (@savephseas) on how plastics negatively affect our seas and environment. How marine creatures suffer just because we choose our own convenience over their safety. From there, I got exposed to more environment-hazard caused by plastics and chemicals that we use in daily basis.

I wanted to create a platform where I don't only showcase eco-friendly products, but also inspire individuals to care for the environment as well. I want to be part of the solution, and I want others to choose that path as well. 

What is your favorite product? 

Natural Creams are definitely my favorite! They have many uses for different purposes - for muscle pain up to hangovers! :D They are also made from natural ingredients and packaged in reusable containers. They are also soooo cute to look at! :D 

What's your motivation? 

Wildlife has a very special place in my heart. Thinking that thousands of these animals die because of the choices we made everyday just pushes me to keep preaching the importance of environment and wildlife to other people. I also try my best to squeeze in what I can and donate portion of our sales in preserving our local wildlife (like Philippine Eagles and Pangolins) and other marine resources every now and then. 

Connecting with like-minded individuals and groups helps me focus on Pure's goal and purpose.

Share with us a one-liner advise we can share with our followers about saving the environment

No act is too small. Don't listen to other people telling you that it's just one plastic straw.  No matter how irrelevant it seems, that straw will still affect our wildlife.

If we all work together on this, we CAN save this world. 

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