On Reusable Pads

#SimulaPHTakeover by @reenakins on Washable Cloth Pads 〰️ for some reason, i’ve had a very positive experience with washable cloth pads. The more I use it, the more it makes me happy that I don’t need to buy another pack of napkins.

As someone who has had not-so great experiences with disposable napkins during my monthly, I finally decided to update my knowledge on how I can increase my own comfort and happiness when I have my period. I used to hate getting my period. I always felt so gross and irritated about my body and what it was going through. This was just intensified by the incredibly uncomfortable feeling of soggy disposable napkin.

So in my last year of using washable cloth pads, I’ve been seriously converted. I tried the cup, but it’s a process!

Anyway, I’ve loved my experience so far with the cloth pads! My favorite things about it is the designs actually boost my excitement to use it and tbh I feel pretty using it??? Is that right to say?! Lol!

- Yes you will still get “tagos” sometimes (tbh, I haven’t had a bad experience with it. EVEN IN MY WHITE UNIFORM I DIDN’T GET TAGOS. YALL MAGIC!)
- No, it won’t stain (as long as you clean properly)
- No, it won’t seep through lol
- Yes, it lasts me 12 hours even if it’s strong
- Yes, it can be a hassle sometimes because you’d think you need to change especially when it’s strong, but don’t complain if you haven’t tried it lol.
- Yes, it can be a lil weird cleaning it the first few times but it’s not so bad :) you’ll get used to it and learn to be strong lol

That’s all! I suggest you also do your own research and weigh the pros & cons. You’ll learn about yourself and about how to better take care of your body.

I think my biggest take away from this is that I’m both literally and emotionally more comfortable with my body during my monthly period now. A game-changer! It’s possible to be on your period and not grossed with yourself! It’s your blood! Lol but srsly! 😉


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