Learnings & Switches

#SimulaTakeover by @triciacaumban

Starting out my journey was easy. I bought reusable wooden utensils and metal straws back in 2017, and I still use them up to now. Continuing the journey though is a whole other thing. It’s a constant learning and unlearning of habits. 👀

After the utensils, I checked out period products. I’m always doing water-related activities so tampons were a thing but thankfully the menstrual cup is not just a sustainable alternative but also a more effective one! Tumblers, tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes, ecobricks, I took one conscious step after the other. I also experienced falling back into old habits, but constant practice made me more consistent. 💪🏼

Fast forward to 2020, I’m so glad to have discovered Simula PH especially with the on-going pandemic. Our whole family’s at home all the time now which means we use up more products than usual. And I was opened to more sustainable options for the simplest household things. Laundry and hand wash pods, Food-grade dishwashing liquid, mesh sponges, Kitchen & bathroom odor eliminator, are our family’s top picks! I informed them how there are harmful ingredients in most household items found in the supermarket, not just for the environment, but our own health as well. Glad we made the switch! 😌

For personal things, my favorite new discovery is the Reswabable swab. I always use up a lot of cotton buds because I clean multiple ear piercings. I felt so guilty of having to keep throwing away so much all the time! The swabs are super easy to clean and store, they’re worth the investment. ✨

I could go on about all the learnings and switches I made through the years, but my point is.. start small, set goals, work your way outwards. If you feel overwhelmed, slow down to avoid burnout and falling back into old habits. Take note of the choices you make everyday, if that will help you stay motivated. It helps to connect with others with the same mindset, engaging in communities/pages like Simula will help push you forward. Educate others, and allow them to educate you. Don’t forget to enjoy the journey and have fun. We’ll get there together! 🤗🌏

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