On Mesh Bags & Palengke Bags

#SimulaPHTakeover  by @juliennekae 🤍

Ive started making small sustainable choices way way back  – metal straws, tumblers and reusable grocery bags, you name it. I was even mocked for trying to promote this kind of lifestyle to people LOL 😂 so for a time, I kinda felt discouraged. But when I lived in Australia in 2018, I was encouraged to continue living this kind of lifestyle because everyone in the community is contributing in their own little way. It gave me a sense of responsibility and a renewed hope. After all, I can only control my own choices and hope to influence others to eventually make their switch. 🌱✨

So when I came back to the Philippines and 2020 started, I told myself that I will continue to be more responsible of my choices even if it’s just me. When I participated in the #PlasticFreeJuly challenge, I came across Simula PH and saw that there is a growing community that I didn’t even know of! I was really very happy to know that I’m not really alone. 🤎

I started investing in their items that would lessen my plastic consumption and two of my favorites are their very cool Palengke bag and their multipurpose mesh bags.

I love the Palengke bag because it’s huge and mainly because of its side pockets! I don’t even have to worry about my stuff mixing up & spilling inside the bag – it’s really really a lifesaver! 🙌🏼When I go to the grocery I make sure to bring it with other extra bags and of course the mesh bags along. I used to like buying the plastic wrapped veggies and fruits but now, I just use my mesh bags and politely ask if they can just stick the price directly in the bags instead. I always feel like I’m winning at life when I go out of the grocery with less plastic in me! 💁🏽‍♀️

Another thing that I use the mesh bags for are for laundry! I’m still learning about this but for now, I use it for clothing items that contain microfibres (ie. workout clothes) and also for our delicates. Saves me time looking for the other pair of socks too! 

So yeah, I think everyone of us can contribute to making our planet a better place to live in — in our own little ways. It doesn't have to be grand, just take the first step and start. And remember that little things add up and there are communities like Simula to journey with us ✨🌏

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