Why local & sustainable?

Supporting local and sustainability has been one of the core reasons why we started Simula PH back in 2018.

With sustainability always in mind, we would always look for options that would help us minimize how much waste we generate and increase the efficiency of resources (natural or not) that we have at the moment. We try our best to reduce operating activities that can negatively affect our environment.

Some things we've done with Sustainability in mind: [1] Use post-consumer materials for packaging instead of purchasing new ones (regardless if it's sustainably made or recyclable). A circular economy is always the best option when wanting to practice sustainability in any business. [2] Reduce carbon footprint by having multiple brands in one place therefore having only one shipping fee for all customers instead of buying them separately.

We don't know it yet, but these small acts of sustainability will some day become the best thing we ever did for the environment and for ourselves. Our children's children will thank us we did it! And that's enough. :)

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