How local venture Bare Bosom’s nipple tape game celebrates diversity and sustainability

by Ashlee Baritugo

The rarity of our times in the outside world has introduced a new approach to comfort for the times that we do find ourselves outside — nipple tape. After spending long months in quarantine, we’ve found ourselves in search of a product that can keep us feeling as free and comfortable as we were at home, without having to experience uncomfortable encounters in public when we do choose to go bra-free. 

Nipple tape is small patches that can cover people’s nipples or areola without having to go through the “hassle” of having to put on a bra. Despite a primarily conservative society, this intriguing approach to going braless has moved many to provide accessible and diverse nipple cover options to those that seek it, and Bare Bosom founder Paula Reyes tells me just how important it is to be able to provide these options while staying true to sustainable approaches at the same time. Having just partnered with Simula earlier this month, Bare Bosom is changing the game with its inclusive, budget-friendly options, and its loyal commitment to sustainability. 

“Start small, dream big.” 

During introductions, Bare Bosom founder Paula Reyes tells me how the team really began by starting small but dreaming big. “We tried to be as casual as possible at first...Before I started, I told myself, even if this business wouldn’t actually boom in an instant, I’d be just glad to sell our products [at] an affordable price in the market. So that’s where we began.” True to their word, a quick search on big e-commerce platforms of “seamless nipple covers” will bring up similar products ranging from P250-350, while Bare Bosom sells theirs for half the price at only P169

Bare Bosom commits to addressing pain points such as “bringing down the usual cost of this product line; [and] incorporating less waste as much as possible.” And when it comes to providing inclusive solutions to the bra-less approach, “Bare Bosom embodies the skin tones of a Filipino ranging from pale to brown... We believed that everyone should be included, no reservations.” Their current shades include Mushroom, Wheat, Tawny, and Lumber. “...It is our objective for the community to feel that they could move freely, literally. A long day wearing a bra is very exhausting, even painful. We have no target market for we think Bare Bosom is for [anyone] who desires to use it.”

The advocacy for sustainability was present even during the venture’s early days. “When I finally decided to market our products I [couldn’t] fathom how much waste we’d create just from the production.” Moreover, while the sustainable goal initially proved to be a challenge, the Bare Bosom team found ways to achieve it.  “After trying reusable ziplock for the nipple tape casing, we leveraged our sustainability through our packaging where instead of bubble wraps we resorted to honeycomb wrapper. As time went on, we researched and crowdsourced if it’d be feasible for us to consider paper-based casing. Luckily, it is!”

A win for the sustainable and locally-sourced

What clearly distinguishes Bare Bosom from many other of its competitors is exactly what they set out to be - a budget-friendly, diverse option that commits to sustainability. Many others may not find the latter to be as important, but Paula shares just how much it matters to customers in the long run, as one shared with her (non-verbatim) that “mas okay pa nga po ang local brands lately, dahil high quality and mas may pakialam sa environment.” (Lately, local brands have been better because of their high quality and care for the environment.) 

But despite the many other players in the nipple tape game, Paula shares one of her most important learnings since establishing Bare Bosom, that “it’s not always a competition...Life is worth living as it is.” Not even a year since its establishment, Bare Bosom already plans to take its commitment to sustainability to a whole new level, as Paula shares sentiments from her customers they’ve been exploring such as creating a biodegradable nipple tape and producing plant-based washing soap for the nipple tapes. 

Purchase Bare Bosom’s seamless nipple covers on the Simula website for P169

In our first installment for the Behind the Brand feature of the #TayoAngSimula blog, we sat down with Bare Bosom founder Paula Reyes to learn more about their whys and what makes them different from everyone else. 

Having just partnered with Simula earlier this month, Bare Bosom is changing the game with its inclusive, budget-friendly options, and its loyal commitment to sustainability. 🌿

Ashlee is a writer, Communications major, and advocate for accessible quality education and climate action. She finds fulfillment in using her passion for creative writing and communications as a bridge to celebrate diverse connections and cultivate wellness for the self, for others, and for the planet. When she isn't writing, she can be found playing with her fur baby Ben, reading, or being a yogi.

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